About Ceannaigh

The question we get all the time is why Ceannaigh? The name itself came about after a 3 hour brainstorming session in one of the teams sitting room over many cups of tea and coffee - our team is still divided on which is better tea or coffee! After over 3 hours we came to the conclusion that finding a unique non-taken business name is more difficult than you would imagine. We went through dozens of names with no success. Just about every single variation of "buy online" was taken. We wanted to offer a varied selection so we wanted something that reflected that.

Ceannaigh is the Irish word for Purchase and since we are an Irish based company, we decided to go with it as it sounded a little unique and best of all it was available! You would think that was the hard part but this was decided in January 2020 and it still took us 2 long months to get the store setup and running. From dealing with suppliers, working out our fulfillment logistics to the thousands of lines of custom code needed, it was a lot of work. And then of course just as we are about ready to launch, a worldwide pandemic strikes and throws everything into chaos.

When Ireland went into a lock-down in March we decided as a company to take a 2 week break from all Ceannaigh based activity. This decision was not without costs as we had already extensive running costs at this stage. We felt it was a price worth paying though so we could all take the time we needed to be with our families. What we love most about Ceannaigh is that we are all friends, even family and we wanted to ensure that we were all in the best place possible mentally for what was going on in our world.

At the start of April we all met online and decided that we would go live with the store, admittedly on April's Fools day - we had quite a laugh about that one! And that brings us to where we are today. We are an Irish based online shopping store. We want to be as low cost as possible and give everyone the best possible service we can. We can assure you in the current climate we are offering you the best prices we can, our margins are very very poor, so low in fact most guides would tell us to shut down but we are not going to do that. We are always on the lookup for new suppliers so that we can fulfill our mission, to bring you all the lowest cost items possible while not cutting corners on our service. We are going to make this work and we are going to continue to offer our service to the people of Ireland to the best of our ability.

We are friends from many different backgrounds with decades of experience in software development, customer support, business development, sales and more. We are Ceannaigh and in the Irish tradition of hospitality and having a good time, we hope you enjoy both your shopping and your experience with us.